Project Details

SEO Audit

The company wanted to get more visitors to their website and store. The SEO Audit was done to see what issues needed to be fixed on the website. Our findings showed mix of duplicate content, paginated results were indexed and there was an extensive list of WordPress plugins that slowed the site down.

Improved design across all devices

Our services were recommended by an existing client to Rugmart, who needed help with their website. When we reviewed their website we found the website didn’t work well on tablets and mobile phones.

We were tasked with redesigning their website and building a new website that worked well across on all types of device (PC, Tablet and Mobile Phones).

Search Engine Optimisation

The new website was launched successfully and we were asked to help Rugmart with their Search Engine Optimisation. We started researching topics that Rugmart’s customers would be likely to read on the company’s blog that was redeveloped during the site build.

Over the coming months we will be fixing on-page and off-page SEO issues, improving the website’s content and monitoring Rugmart position in the search engines. Since the new website was launched, customer enquiries have increased significantly and visitors looking at the website on hand held devices are staying on the site for longer.

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