Lacey Tech Solutions are pleased to have been given the award for Best Website Development & SEO Agency 2019!

Project Details

My360Plus wanted help with their WordPress website after having a bad experience with a freelance developer. They wanted to add in a secondary menu in the header that they could edit through WordPress. We coded up a solution that allowed their team to easily change and add links to the menu using the WordPress menu manager.

The WordPress theme they were using had hard-coded text and links that could only be edited if you knew website programming. We were on hand to assist in making improvements to how the website was set up to make it easier for the client to update it themselves.

All the theme changes had to be mobile friendly so extensive testing was done to ensure the website worked well on a number of handheld devices and mobile web browsers. We helped the company get their staging (demo) website moved to the live website to replace what they had.

After the website was launched I was asked to assist My360Plus in finding and implementing a suitable way to conduct A/B split testing for key sections of their website. They wanted the ability to serve up different content to their visitors to see what variation performed best at generating leads for the company.

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