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Project Details

DeLaBaie Skincare approached us to redesign their specialist skincare website. We produced a professional website design that was powered using Magento E-Commerce.

DeLaBaie Skincare had limited success with another website agency and were referred to us by an existing client. They wanted a professionally designed E-Commerce website that showcased their products and allowed visitors to easily make a purchase.

After numerous meetings and weeks of research, the website design was redesigned several times before the final design was approved. Over the coming months, we worked alongside the owner to develop the website and add the content and products.

Website Redesign

We used a subtle colour palette for the website to allow the product images to stand out and be the main focus of the site. Our team was tasked with sourcing images for the website and making recommendations on what product images should be used throughout the website.

The website needed to enforce the branding of DeLaBaie’s product range, so it was agreed that we would colour code the different product ranges. We used a pastel shade of each colour so as not to take any focus away from the product images in each of the ranges.

Magento E-Commerce Website

Magento is a very powerful E-Commerce platform, and sadly the clients hosting package was inadequate to host the e-commerce website. We helped DeLaBaie Skincare by installing, configuring and securing a dedicated Linux server to host their Magento e-commerce website. This involved configuring the DNS records for their domains, setting up self-hosted email accounts and installing a control panel to assist in maintaining the server.

MailChimp Email Newsletter Design

In addition to developing the website, we designed a MailChimp newsletter template for DeLaBaie skincare. We added a form to the website where visitors could enter their details and signup for the monthly newsletter. This helped the company feature their top selling products to get additional sales. This gave them a foundation on which to build a product centric customer base to encourage additional product sales.

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