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Lacey Tech Solutions are pleased to have been given the award for Best Website Development & SEO Agency 2019!

Project Details

Casting Now were referred to us as the company needed on-going support for a custom built casting website. We were tasked with providing technical support for Casting Now to help resolve issues and assist their customer service department.

Our team have worked alongside the company owner to plan future development for the website. We built a spam blocking system that allowed us to block accounts that were excessively messaging members about potential jobs. Since this system was put in place the customer service team have reported a significant drop in spam related enquiries.

In 2017 we migrated the website across to SSL (https) to improve the security of the website. Having an SSL certificate allowed them to benefit from higher rankings in the search results.

On an on-going basis we have maintained their hosting server and performed security and software updates where necessary. We have made recommendations to further improve the website and hosting infrastructure.

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