Website SEO Audit

SEO goes beyond technical best practices of course; the first consideration is always the quality of the content you have on the website, and how you manage and optimise that. But technical factors do matter, and improving them can give your pages a boost.

What is a Website SEO Audit?

An SEO Page Audit helps you identify problems with your website that are stopping you from reaching page 1 of the search engines. A member of our Google Certified SEO team does a manual review of a long list of factors and creates a report detailing their findings.

Once we know what is wrong with your website we can start to fix the problems and improve your website’s position in the search results.

The world of search engine optimisation is forever evolving and if you want to keep ahead of the competition then your website must do the same. Like many website owners you have probably read a few articles online and tried to improve your website’s SEO with varying levels of success.

Our website audits eliminate the guess work as one of our Google Certified team will diagnose the problems with your website and provide an SEO action plan to resolve the issues along with making recommendations for improvement.

There are millions of online articles dedicated to search engine optimisation that it can often be a time-consuming task trying to work out what strategies will work for your website.

There is an easier way – simply fill out the form below and get your website booked in for an SEO Health Check!

Why are you not on Page 1?

Our Google Certified SEO experts can analyse your website and find out what needs to be fixed for you to get the best results.

SEO Case Studies

We have worked with a range of businesses throughout the UK and Internationally to improve their websites. Most of our clients see at least 50% improve visibility in the organic search results.

Here are a few projects we are proud to have been involved with over the years.

Website Audit Process

The process can take several days (depending on website size) to review everything and put our findings into a detailed report outlining the issues. Our team manually reviews your website and we use a range of SEO tools to anaylse large amounts of data.

Below are a things we check when performing a website audit:

  • Are there any technical issues with the website that prevent search engines from crawling your website?
  • Is there any missing content or broken links in the website?
  • Are you duplicating content throughout the website?
  • Do you have at least 500 words of unique content on every page of your website?
  • Are you using the correct HTML headings within your pages?
  • Does your website have an SEO sitemap? Has this been submitted to all major search engines?
  • Are you following SEO best practices?

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