WordPress 3.4 Hosting Update

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As of today, all WordPress hosting clients have been updated to WordPress 3.4, which has been code-named “Green” in honour of guitarist Grant Green. The developers at WordPress stated that Grant Green’s, “…soulful simplicity has kept many of us company during this release”. I too share the philosophy that code should be simple and effective.

What new in WordPress 3.4?

The biggest change in WordPress 3.4 is the theme customizer which allows you to modify the look and feel of your current theme (or one you’re thinking about switching to) without publishing those changes for the world to see. Your theme needs to support the theme customizer feature, and once it does you can change colors, backgrounds and customize image headers. WordPress have said they have more features being discussed for the theme customizer in the coming months.

Throughout the rest of the administration area you’ll notice changes to make your life a little easier. For example, if you have lots of themes you can now quickly browse them all at once without paging. It’s also possible to use images from your media library to populate custom headers, and for you to choose the height and width of your header images.

WordPress have expanded their embed support to include tweets. Simply add a Twitter permalink on its own line in a post or page and it will turn it into an embedded Tweet. WordPress have also improved image captions, and you can now include HTML (such as hyperlinks) within the captions.

Minor Updates

WordPress 3.4.1

This update wasn’t as quick as previous versions of WordPress due to plugin incompatibility issues with WordPress 3.4, which prevented me from updating all WordPress websites.

  • Fixes an issue where a theme’s page templates were sometimes not detected.
  • Addresses problems with some category permalink structures.
  • Better handling for plugins or themes loading JavaScript incorrectly.
  • Adds early support for uploading images on iOS 6 devices.
  • Allows for a technique commonly used by plugins to detect a network-wide activation.
  • Better compatibility with servers running certain versions of PHP (5.2.4, 5.4) or with uncommon setups (safe mode, open_basedir), which had caused warnings or in some cases prevented emails from being sent

For more information on the recent update you can view the official update log on the WordPress 3.4.1 Codex

WordPress 3.4.2

On September 6, 2012, WordPress 3.4.2 (Maintenance and security update) was released to the public. Below are some of the key improvements from this update. Version 3.4.2 also fixes a few security issues and contains some security hardening. The vulnerabilities included potential privilege escalation and a bug that affects multisite installs with untrusted users.

  • Fixes some issues in the admin area where some older browsers (IE7, in particular) may slow down, lag, or freeze
  • Fixes an issue where a theme may not preview correctly, or its screenshot may not be displayed
  • Fixes the use of multiple trackback URLs in a post
  • Prevents improperly sized images from being uploaded as headers from the customizer
  • Ensures proper error messages can be shown to PHP4 installs
  • Fixes handling of oEmbed providers that only return XML responses
  • Addresses pagination problems with some category permalink structures
  • Adds more fields to be returned from the XML-RPC wp.getPost method
  • Avoids errors when updating automatically from very old versions of WordPress
  • Fixes problems with the visual editor when working with captions
  • Fix unfiltered HTML capabilities in multisite
  • Fix possible privilege escalation in the Atom Publishing Protocol endpoint
  • Allow operations on network plugins only through the network admin
  • Hardening: Simplify error messages when uploads fail
  • Hardening: Validate a parameter passed to wp_get_object_terms()

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