Why is my website failing to drive enquiries and sales?

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This is a question that has troubled website owners for many years now. How do you ‘win’ in search traffic and ensure you maintain visibility and offer the very best experience to your users? It is all about great marketing and by that I mean good old fashioned marketing, and that starts with building yourself a great website.

A professionally designed, mobile-friendly website is the foundation on which to build your online presence. For many – having a website is their only means of generating business leads so it’s important you get it right.

How do you get it right?

This may sound odd, but you have to think like a Fisherman…

  1. Your website – Is your fishing boat, it’s what you need to be successful
  2. Your content and blog articles – Are your fishing lines
  3. Your social media accounts – Are the pond and it’s FULL of fish!

So you could open up an online shop, hang your sign up and then sit and wait for a bite Or you could cast multiple lines, immediately appeal to multiple audiences and basically set out to increase your overall result tenfold from the very start.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter how good your content is or how good you are at using social media to promote it, if you don’t have a good website in place and you haven’t considered your user journey (e.g. what is it you want a user to do on this page? How easy is that to do?) for every stage of the buying cycle, then you could already be setting off on your search marathon carrying a severe limp. By ensuring that you have a visually engaging and search ready website in place before you begin, you will have done the best that you can to ensure that the fundamentals on which to build yourself a solid web presence have been explored, considered and acknowledged.

Having a website isn’t enough, you need to get your name out there

Another way to look at it is if you owned a flower shop and wanted to sell as much as possible every day, you would surely deck out the windows right? You would try to make it look stunning every day and then maybe even get out onto the street to beckon some people inside on others? You wouldn’t just hang a cardboard sign in the window that said “Flowers for Sale” and then sit there twiddling your thumbs, expecting someone to walk in and buy something! You have to be proactive on this and not just reactive, so establishing that ranking for ‘flowers London’ could be a win for your business and then going away and creating content to cater for it is just step one.

You need to think longer term and about a wider variety of terms that could drive traffic and new business through the website:

  • 5 sought after summer bloomers!
  • 3 ways to prolong the life of your potted plants!
  • 10 exotic plants we bet you didn’t know you could grow!

By presenting information in the form of questions and by offering users greater diversity and depth with your content, you are ensuring not only that you rank for all of your ‘target keywords’, but you’re also guaranteeing that you will appear more often than your competition and therefore generate more online sales leads and enquiries.

The trick to staying ahead is not actually a trick at all…

Build a great site, optimise it, give thought to your content and social media and be proactive with all of it. People often complain that ‘Google always changes the rules’, but if there is one thing that has been consistent since the dawn of Google, it is that Google has ALWAYS changed its algorithms and that will never change.

The issues only really arise when people try to manipulate the search engines to better results via black hat techniques. Key word dumping, link building / farming etc. These are all black hat techniques and it is only right that Google changes the rules and algorithms to cater for people manipulating its ground rules and regulations.

The trick to staying ahead isn’t actually a trick at all, it is all about marketing yourself and spending time putting the most into your website and online strategy. This is not new, but if you wanted to, you could consider this “new SEO”. It is all about the quality of your site and content, and ensuring that you are the thought leader in your space.

Ben Lacey is the Managing Director of Lacey Tech Solutions. He is passionate about everything to do with websites from design and development through to search optimisation and hosting. He started the company blog as a platform to help educate current and prospective customers about the ever changing website development industry.

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